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As the song says, “The more I see the less I know.” In a world where Medicare and private insurance is giving us more and more “choices,” it’s becoming more and more difficult to collect all the information before signing up for a very expensive part of our lives — health insurance.  Are we actually getting more choices or is it an illusion of choice?


What Are Medicare Advantage Plans?

Individuals signed up for Medicare Parts A and B are eligible for a Medicare Advantage plan (aka “Medicare Part C”) as long as it’s available in their area. It’s a type of Medicare plan that will provide the same standard benefits as original Medicare (Parts A and B) but offers additional coverage.


What can Medicare Advantage cover?

Depending on your plan, it can cover:

  • Hearing care and hearing aids
  • Prescription drugs
  • Routine dental and vision care
  • Certain health services such as non-emergency medical transport, in-home health care, wellness club memberships, and modifications to your home, such as bathroom grab bars.


The cost is equal to your original Medicare premiums but adds Medicare Advantage premiums (which can be as low as $0), and out-of-pocket costs like copays and deductibles. Does it sound like a great idea, or will it save money in the short term while costing more on the back end?


When you sign up for Medicare Part C, are doctors allowed to do their jobs and recommend what they feel is best for their patient? Or are their choices dictated by Medicare?


“Talking Retirement,” a podcast out of New Jersey, just had an informative sit-down with our own Dr. Isidore Kirsh, President & CEO at Garden State Hearing & Balance Center (732.818.3610 Toms River/Whiting & 609.978.8946 Manahawkin). In the podcast, Dr. Kirsh breaks down the advantages and disadvantages of Medicare Advantage, and various other topics, as they pertain to ear health care. From the pros and cons of over-the-counter hearing aids to new features technology has brought to hearing aids, such as AI for instant adjustments and Bluetooth for fall detection, it’s an interesting listen.


Watch it HERE!