An audiologist fitting a new hearing aid

Are your new hearing aids hurting your ears?

Do they feel like they’re too tight or rubbing? When this is the case, you might think that your hearing aids need repairing. However, hearing aid discomfort isn’t uncommon when you’re first fit with technology. It can happen for a variety of reasons, and we have just as many solutions!

When you’re first fit, your hearing aids should be comfortable. However, like with anything new, it may take some time to get used to them. Check with your provider as they may suggest wearing them 3–4 hours a day for a week, and then increasing your use from there. It’s important to continue to increase the amount of time you’re wearing your technology!

However, if irritation or discomfort becomes an issue after the first few days, it is essential to talk to your hearing care provider as soon as possible about what could be going on. Here are some possibilities as to why you’re having hearing aid pain, irritation or discomfort:

  • The material:

    You might be allergic to your hearing aid material, so discuss with your hearing professional about the options for this such as using a different material that does not irritate your skin.

  • The fit:

    For one reason or another, your device may be a little large and in that case, your provider may  recommend that new molds of your ears are taken so that your devices fit more comfortably.

  • Adjustment:

    Your earmold might be just slightly off, so your provider will most likely try to physically change where it is uncomfortable ever so slightly until they are comfortable.

  • Hearing aid isn’t inserted correctly:

    When you were first given your devices, your provider should have shown you how to properly insert and remove them. Do not give in to the urge to pull your hearing out a little if it feels too tight. If it’s not placed in your ear correctly, it can irritate your ear and cause you more pain.

  • Irritation:

    Sometimes the hearing aid can press against a bump or a ridge in your ear and cause a pressure point. The skin in your ear canal is sensitive and susceptible to irritation when it’s huddled between the hearing aid and the cartilage under the skin.

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