2017 Hearing Aid Giveaway Voting

2017 Hearing Aid Giveaway Voting

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1. My Hardworking Father Who’s Missing Precious Moments

I’m writing this to hopefully win hearing aids for my father. For as long as I can remember my Dad was a hard worker; he held two jobs at times, and worked long hours doing hard labor. He worked for Monmouth County for most of his life running heavy equipment like dump trucks, backhoes, and other large machinery. These machines are loud … very loud. Over the years it has caused hearing loss. He is now retired and able to relax and enjoy his life, but unfortunately he misses out because of his hearing loss. His insurance does not cover this cost and it’s just not possible for him to purchase on his own. My Dad has done everything for his family and I would love the opportunity to give him his hearing. Thank you so much for your consideration.

2. Hearing Damage from Military Service

[My] ears [were] damaged when I was in the service and [I] was told it will get worse as I get older. That’s all.

3. For My Veteran Husband

My husband has received several pairs of hearing aids from the VA, but nothing seems to be working for him. They are cheaply made and do not help.

4. For My Mother’s Hearing Loss

My mom does not have the money for a hearing aid. We tried through the Lions Club, which donates them, and never heard back. Your gift will help an 87-year-old woman hear.

5. Husband with Lifelong Hearing Loss

My husband is 50 years old. He has had a hearing loss from birth. He reads lips, and is very good at it. He has never wanted hearing aids for multiple reasons – (1) appearance, (2) cost (his main reason), and (3) [he] feels like just the background sound will get louder and not his [ability] to hear. He is a kind, gentle man who would give the world to anyone. He’s 6’3” and is called “Bear“ (more like a teddy bear). I would love for him to receive the gift of hearing; to hear the birds when I say, “Do you hear the blue jays?”, or just to have the TV on a normal volume. Or so my 17-year-old son can have a conversation [without] his father saying, “What?”, or without him having to ask my son, “What did your mother say?”, or to not have to be looking at him [in order for him] to hear us. Hearing loss is nothing new for my family; my mom has hearing loss and my sister-in-law has it as well. Both are equipped with [hearing] aids. Please consider us as a candidate for this free drawing. Thank you.

6. Son with Hearing Loss after Brain Surgery

My son had a brain tumor operation and was left with no hearing in one ear. He has three small children and is an amazing guy. He tries to help everyone. He is a great father and husband. I am so proud of my son. His operation made a terrific impact on his life.

7. Don’t Want to Lose Joy of Hearing

I never knew I could not hear until three years ago when I had my hearing tested. I always had a hard time in school. When I finally heard the first time, it was a dream – I could hear people talk and listen to the sounds outside, and I could talk back. Now the warranty is up [on my current hearing aids] and they are telling me I need new ones. I cannot get [them] at this time and I want to keep hearing.

8. Veteran and Firefighter

I think I’m a great candidate because my hearing loss started when I was in the Army and then [continued to deteriorate as] I have been an active volunteer firefighter for over 40 years.

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