Isidore Kirsh, Ph.D. FAAA, CCC-A,

NJ Lic. #678

Dr. Kirsh is the director of the center with 30 years of hearing care experience.

Dr. Kirsh received a bachelor’s in biopsychology from the University of Maryland, a Master’s of Education (Audiology) from the University of Virginia, and a Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) with specialization in Audiology from the Union Institute (The Graduate School). He completed a fellowship at the Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary, has multiple publications, and has received numerous continuing education awards from both ASHA and AAA.

Dr. Kirsh was the first founding member of Audigy Group, and has served on many advisory boards. Dr. Kirsh has a beautiful daughter, Melanie, who works at Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston and is currently pursuing a Masters in Public Health at Boston University. Dr. Kirsh’s son, Joseph, will be completing an engineering degree in the Boston area focusing on Robotics. Dr. Kirsh enjoys golf and ballroom dancing as well as playing with his Portuguese Water Dog, Rio.